Where Do Armadillos Live

Where do armadillos live?  The answer is very simple: in the ground.  Armadillos are very good diggers, and they use this skill to do pretty much everything, including building their homes.  Several different breeds of armadillos dig into moist soil close to streams or creeks. 

Another important part of the question “Where do armadillos live?” is the geographical part of that question.  You’ll find armadillos throughout the United States, especially in the western part of the country where it’s much like a desert.  Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are all home to armadillos.  In all, there are 20 different species of this animal.  Each species can be identified by the number of bands you see on its armor.  The only species of armadillo that is native to the United States is the nine-banded armadillo.  The other species of armadillo are found throughout the world in areas that are hot and dry. 

Armadillos prefer shady woodlands, and they often build their homes around creeks or streams.  Armadillos enjoy a diet of mostly insects that are found in the ground, so they prefer areas with soil that is easy to dig into.  Armadillos have also been known to build homes inside of rock pikes or old stumps. 

Armadillos are very intelligent creatures, and you can see this by the number of burrows it builds.  Typically, an armadillo may have three or more burrows set up in any given area.  This is to throw predators off their track by tricking them into thinking they live one place when they actually live somewhere else. 

Recently, armadillos have also been moving into areas already populated by people.  They can cause a lot of damage to homes or sheds by using their sharp claws to dig under them and make a burrow.  You’ll know an armadillo is setting up shop in your neighborhood if you start seeing a lot of holes in your yard.  This is an indication that the armadillo is looking for food.  If you don’t take precautions, you could find that armadillo setting up a burrow under your home or shed.  It can cost thousands of dollars to repair this damage, so you should try to drive the armadillo out before it sets up a home.


If you suspect an armadillo is setting up shop in your neighborhood or yard or under your home, then you should call a pest control expert right away.  Armadillos can be very dangerous, especially if you trap them in their new home.  Pest control experts are trained in the proper way to remove armadillos, so it’s a job that’s best left to the experts.  The experts will also make sure that any baby armadillos left behind after the removal of the mother are taken care of.  If you try to trap the armadillo and remove it yourself, it’s very common to discover dead baby armadillos under your home later.  It’s much better to get the whole problem taken care of by someone who knows how to do it.